The Polytech combines the expertise of three founding educators, each of whom has had extensive experience achieving high success with teenage populations.  Through previous programs, these founders achieved high school graduation rates over 90% and served a diverse student population, including neurodiverse students with mental health issues, special education students, gifted populations, students of poverty, twice-exceptional, and many other impacting factors that interrupt school attendance and achievement. 

Our mission is to help students ages 16-26 with the transition to college, career, and adulthood. This may include earning a high school diploma, learning independent living skills like driving and cooking, learning about career pathways that are a good fit for the student's interests and skills, and successfully completing college credits.

In addition to the primary campus in the Northgate area, The Polytech has access to over 100,000 square feet of classroom and work space with state-of-the-art equipment through our local college partners. Students may take classes at any combination of campuses, and part of every program is the guidance and assessment to determine what is the right balance for each individual student. Our goal is to help students discover their strengths and how strengths and preferences transfer into a career and/or more college. Using this information, we design a meaningful education program for each student. With so many career pathways to choose from, there are many options to try and something to resonate or be ruled out for each student. 

Whatever your next step is, The Polytech can help!