Offered on Saturday mornings between 9:0 0am to 12:00 noon, students may drop in for supervised support as needed. The Polytech provides a quiet, structured workspace and materials with instructors to facilitate homework completion on a first come, first served basis, and may include up to 8 students between 2 teachers. No reserved instructors and no long-term commitment.

Potential objectives include:

  • Completing projects already in progress
  • Breaking down projects into a smaller, more manageable schedule that the student can work on through the week
  • Writing rough drafts of essays in a quiet, distraction-free setting
  • Completing required reading
  • Solving math problems and reviewing foundational algebraic skills
  • Organizing backpacks, notebooks, and other school materials
  • Reviewing and revising written assignments
  • Building artistic components of projects, such as creating timelines, coloring maps, constructing collages, illustrating reports, etc.
  • Printing final drafts of assignments