Roles: Founder, CEO, Educational Therapist, Consultant, and Teacher

Ruth Wilson is a certified principal and a board certified educational therapist with over 25 years' experience in multiple education-related positions, including teacher, education consultant, advocate, public speaker, and school administrator.  As CEO of The Polytech, Ruth leads an innovative school program that connects the interests and needs of individual students to their future employment opportunities, community, and education.  She often collaborates with psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other professionals, and is a strong advocate for improved services and outcomes for all persons with disabilities. She has helped thousands of students experience academic success, earn diplomas, improve grade point averages, enter the workforce, and achieve personal goals over her career.

Prior to founding The Polytech, Ruth founded Brightmont Academy in 1999, a private school dedicated to providing one-to-one, customized education programs. Ruth was able to provide instruction to meet many individual student needs, including special education, gifted, trauma victims, LGBQT populations, and those with mental and physical disabilities. Brightmont achieved a 97% graduation rate, including several 5th year and older seniors, and serving just over 5,000 students over a 19 year period.  Ruth helped to scale and replicate the program throughout Washington State and into 4 other states before stepping away from the day-to-day operations to launch a private consulting practice, Huma Education Services, in 2018.  Huma specializes in supporting students as they transition into college or other post-secondary placements, and allowed Ruth to return to providing direct services to students. 

Ruth is recognized both as a powerful educational leader and also as a knowledgeable business woman, speaking frequently on entrepreneurship, building culture, and other leadership topics.